End of the Semester Reflection

I have almost successfully completed my first semester here at The University of South Carolina. It has been an absolutely amazing experience and I cannot believe how quickly I came to call Columbia home. My intense homesickness from the first week of college has entirely worn off. I am so grateful that I choose this […]

Capstone Reflection

Being a Capstone Scholar has definitely come with a great deal of perks. It’s awesome feeling a part of this small community with so many activities as well as opportunities to help us succeed. I feel encouraged by my RM, mentors, ambassadors and faculty as a Capstone Scholar and I know there is quite  bit […]

Going Home for Thanksgiving Break

It was definitely a treat to go home for Thanksgiving break. You seem to take for granted to time you have with your family when you come home from school to sit in the living room and eat dinner with your parents every day. My mom kept offering up different activities to my brother (who […]

Money, Power & Wall Street

Power now a days can be defined by the amount of money one has. Humans crave power, and in turn are craving money. With the corruption on Wall Street, it’s evident that mankind will go to any lengths to quench this craving. From the Frontline video we watched, it seemed that insider trading has become […]

Halfway There

It’s hard to believe that I am halfway done with my first college semester. When the word “midterm” was mentioned in class, I had to check my calendar to see if we really were midway into the semester. It seems like my parents just stopped sending me packages from home requested by calls home opening […]

Digital Nation

The fact that this world is becoming more and more technologically inclined is undeniable. Weather we are crawling towards a new invention or blowing the world away with a sudden new advancement, this world is only moving closer and closer towards becoming a digital nation. It’s almost impossible to avoid the technological world. It’s the basis […]

Druggies & Drinkers

Often times, graduates are warned about drinking in unsafe environments, as if drinking in a “safe” environment somehow makes it less illegal. Being in a new city and living on your own can be a bit shaking at times. This alone stands as proof that new college students are not fully aware of their surroundings […]

So Much to Do and Plenty of Time to Do it

I’m without a doubt a visual learner. In class, I watch the lecture notes and on the test, I try to conjure them up in my head to remember them. It’s easiest to organize my notes using different colors and labels for categories and I’ve found that flash cards help me remember vocabulary words more […]

Starting with the End in Mind

Although the journey to reach a goal is greatly significant and influential on ones life, it can be said that “starting with the end in mind” can help one work harder towards said goal. Starting with the end sounded like a rather pessimistic take on life when I first glanced over it. However, after digging deeper […]

First Two Weeks

It’s safe to say that after only two weeks at the University of South Carolina, I have officially fallen in love with this Columbia campus. First Night Carolina was a great way to start off the school year and dancing in a crowd of strangers was never something I thought I’d do. Scanning the Russell […]