End of the Semester Reflection

I have almost successfully completed my first semester here at The University of South Carolina. It has been an absolutely amazing experience and I cannot believe how quickly I came to call Columbia home. My intense homesickness from the first week of college has entirely worn off. I am so grateful that I choose this school and so blessed to be a Carolinian. The feel of the campus is warm and inviting and not just because of the eighty degree weather. I love simply walking around the campus and more than anything I have really enjoyed showing off Greene Street and the clapping circle to my friends that visit. I wouldn’t say I am not looking forward to going home in a few short days, but I can at least say that I will be excited to come back to Columbia at the end of the break.

There have been many opportunities available to me here at USC. There are service opportunities readily available with Pet’s Inc and Greek associations as well as a wide variety of clubs for basically anyone with any interest. I haven’t quite taken full advantage of the clubs here, however I still have the remainder of my college years to spend getting more acquainted with the various associations such as the Surf Club and Culinary Club- both of which I do plan to join and become active in next year.

I feel like I have already met lifetime friends here at USC. Weather they are from the north or not, they still seem to quickly be sucked into the sweet tea, biscuit eating southerner that Carolina holds. The community feel of this university has, above all, been the greatest benefit I have received while being here for my first semester.


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