Capstone Reflection

Being a Capstone Scholar has definitely come with a great deal of perks. It’s awesome feeling a part of this small community with so many activities as well as opportunities to help us succeed. I feel encouraged by my RM, mentors, ambassadors and faculty as a Capstone Scholar and I know there is quite  bit of support coming from them.

One of the perks for me is definitely having the dining hall so conveniently placed right below our feet. As lazy as it sounds, I have really loved not having to go walk in the cold for 15 minutes to get lunch and dinner. I also love the frequent Capstone Conversation. There is basically a Conversation available within the semester for any interest any scholar would have. It’s cool to go and see people who are interested in the same things you are, or to go and see people who are learning about something new, just like you.

Although I feel the idea of having required charity work defeats the purpose of giving selflessly a bit, I have had some awesome experiences because of my community service here in Columbia at Pets Inc. Giving back to the community is so important, and I wonder if I could have forgotten to do so in this new community I’m in. For my service, I wrote a letter to an American soldier to wish them a Happy Holiday. As for my Capstone personal challenge, I plan to get a GPA suitable to get me admitted into the International Business school.

I am proud that the University of South Carolina picked me to be a Capstone Scholar. It it definitely an honor and I will not waste this opportunity.


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