Money, Power & Wall Street

Power now a days can be defined by the amount of money one has. Humans crave power, and in turn are craving money. With the corruption on Wall Street, it’s evident that mankind will go to any lengths to quench this craving. From the Frontline video we watched, it seemed that insider trading has become quite an issue. However, the amount of money on Wall Street proves to be beneficial to the economy. The more money in the stock markets, the more money given to companies in order to expand. So, the argument that Wall Street has too much power, in my opinion is not true.

Money is also, in many cases, able to buy happiness- although contrary to the old saying. The small joy that comes with buying a new pair of heels is proof enough for me, however on a much larger scale, it’s also obvious. The comfort of living is only possible with money. To be able to pay taxes, afford the necessities of life, or even any luxuries only comes with money. Stress in households is for the most part caused by lack of income. Therefore, money is crucial to a happy lifestyle.

The currency system has given this economy something to run by. It’s most definitely a positive part of our nation, however I don’t see why it cannot be more simple. There has to be some way to protect the safety of our money and get rid of the corruption present. If only the world could go back to trading cows for grain and chickens for yeast.


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