Capstone Reflection

Being a Capstone Scholar has definitely come with a great deal of perks. It’s awesome feeling a part of this small community with so many activities as well as opportunities to help us succeed. I feel encouraged by my RM, mentors, ambassadors and faculty as a Capstone Scholar and I know there is quite ┬ábit […]

Going Home for Thanksgiving Break

It was definitely a treat to go home for Thanksgiving break. You seem to take for granted to time you have with your family when you come home from school to sit in the living room and eat dinner with your parents every day. My mom kept offering up different activities to my brother (who […]

Money, Power & Wall Street

Power now a days can be defined by the amount of money one has. Humans crave power, and in turn are craving money. With the corruption on Wall Street, it’s evident that mankind will go to any lengths to quench this craving. From the Frontline video we watched, it seemed that insider trading has become […]