Digital Nation

The fact that this world is becoming more and more technologically inclined is undeniable. Weather we are crawling towards a new invention or blowing the world away with a sudden new advancement, this world is only moving closer and closer towards becoming a digital nation. It’s almost impossible to avoid the technological world. It’s the basis of communication, medicine, and entertainment. It’s present in every persons personal social life and professional business life. To keep up in this world, you must succumb and rely on technology. But is this really healthy for us as a society? Is it truly a step in the right direction to become dependent on computers or engrossed in our phones?

I personally view this as an issue. Seeing families out to dinner with their noses in their blackberries or emailing work from their iPhone shows how much technology is coming between peoples’ relationships. Spending quality time with the people you are physically surrounded by has gone out the window and comes second to cyber socializing. Also, it’s impossible to read someone’s sincerity through a text and so much easier to feign feelings through a Facebook post. The honesty that is more present in face to face conversations is gone.

Although phone calls from home are what keep me from getting homesick on a daily basis, it is simply what I resort to when I can’t see my parents face to face. I completely understand the perks of technology when it comes to keeping in touch with people far away, however society needs to be aware of how important it is to focus on the people who are right in front of you.


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