Druggies & Drinkers

Often times, graduates are warned about drinking in unsafe environments, as if drinking in a “safe” environment somehow makes it less illegal. Being in a new city and living on your own can be a bit shaking at times. This alone stands as proof that new college students are not fully aware of their surroundings and in turn not capable of making the judgment that a certain location is suitable for drinking without repercussions. It takes time, as well, to get to know the people with whom you are going out with and it is probably not a good idea to trust a next-to-stranger with your safety or security.

As a college student, it is generally assumed that drugs and alcohol are part of the weekend routine. Drinking comes with the territory of being in college and drugs are taken lightly in a social arena. It seems at times that a college student is surrounded by these activities and it is easy to get sucked into them yourself. For fear of spending weekends alone or frankly, not having any clean parties to attend, it is common for students to mold into this stereotypical smoking, drinking pupil. However, what tends to be overlooked is the percentage of students not participating in these activities. Statistics show that the majority of students here at USC are opposed to drugs and alcohol. These people do exist and I would assume have great taste in movies and extra butter and a passion for popcorn and movie nights.


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