Halfway There

It’s hard to believe that I am halfway done with my first college semester. When the word “midterm” was mentioned in class, I had to check my calendar to see if we really were midway into the semester. It seems like my parents just stopped sending me packages from home requested by calls home opening […]

Digital Nation

The fact that this world is becoming more and more technologically inclined is undeniable. Weather we are crawling towards a new invention or blowing the world away with a sudden new advancement, this world is only moving closer and closer towards becoming a digital nation. It’s almost impossible to avoid the technological world. It’s the basis […]

Druggies & Drinkers

Often times, graduates are warned about drinking in unsafe environments, as if drinking in a “safe” environment somehow makes it less illegal. Being in a new city and living on your own can be a bit shaking at times. This alone stands as proof that new college students are not fully aware of their surroundings […]