So Much to Do and Plenty of Time to Do it

I’m without a doubt a visual learner. In class, I watch the lecture notes and on the test, I try to conjure them up in my head to remember them. It’s easiest to organize my notes using different colors and labels for categories and I’ve found that flash cards help me remember vocabulary words more than any other method. Generally, when reading through a text book I’ll gravitate towards the captions under pictures or the random entries in the margins. 

I have my weekly schedule written out every week. My calendar is full of pink, purple, orange, blue and green. Five colors, five classes. I find it easier to spend 15 minutes before bed on sunday nights going through each class’ syllabus and writing down all the assignments or tests/ quizzes I have that week than checking nightly. This also helps me see the upcoming days and plan ahead for a busy day. Meetings are always in red because I tend to come back from class and believe my day is done and forget about club meetings or speakers. Hopefully the red will spark attention in my head…

The hardest struggle in college, study wise, I believe is going to be time management. I’ve always been told it’s very important to not put things off until the last minute, but procrastinating has always worked for me in high school. It already appears that college is going to be a different story. I’ve done well so far, but I’ve made it a goal to continue rationing as well as not wasting my time. 


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