Starting with the End in Mind

Although the journey to reach a goal is greatly significant and influential on ones life, it can be said that “starting with the end in mind” can help one work harder towards said goal. Starting with the end sounded like a rather pessimistic take on life when I first glanced over it. However, after digging deeper into the meaning of this theory, I can see how this mindset can be helpful when trying to achieve a goal. After all, a goal is basically what you work towards in the end, isn’t it? 

Here in my new life at USC, I suppose you could say that I’m starting as a freshman with graduation in mind. Each class and each grade all adds up towards my diploma and ultimately my degree. A personal goal I have set to help me along my path towards graduation would to be get straight A’s one semester during my four years here. Although I have always tried hard in school and made fairly good grades, I have never been able to bring home a report card with only the letter A stamped on it. I feel I have much more free time here ( or have so far ) and with this time, I could go the extra mile to become a straight A student for at least one semester. It seems to be a little late in my education career to start worrying about grade marks, but being able to say I achieved this goal is a great end to keep in mind. 

Socially, I think it would be great to get involved with a few clubs at USC. Even though I may not be the surfer girl material and even though I may burn every cake I make, joining Cocky’s Culinary Club and USC Surf Club could expand my social horizons. Meeting different people has always been one of the things I looked forward to about going off to college. It’s one of the reasons I found it beneficial to go out of state. I can’t wait to connect with people of different passions and learn a thing or two from them. Who knows? They may even be interested in something I have a skill in and I could share something with them as well. 

I’m am Starting now with the End in Mind.



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